I’m a Jesus chaser…

I love His story of grace, evident in the way He works in our hearts and lives. His message of hope and forgiveness, woven in the pages of His Word. I love His process of redemption, because, I gotta be honest, do I ever need a little redeeming! I love His ways, so pure and just, stark against the norms of impurity and injustice in our culture. I love the way He loves and pursues us.

And I love sharing about Him. There’s something incredibly beautiful about gathering with other individuals, all with different stories and needs, and pursuing Him with everything in us.

It would be a privilege to come and speak at your venue and share about Jesus and life. I would be thrilled to see you face to face, get to know your story, and ultimately experience a moment of Holy together in the presence of Jesus.


Some of my favorite topics to speak on are:

True Love: Realizing God’s Standard for Romance and Relationships
Becoming a Jesus Chaser: Learning to Pursue our First Love
Modern Day Slavery: What It Is, Where It Is, and What We Can Do About It
It Starts Now: Using Your Teen Years for God

Of course, for every individual talk, I’ll seek God to lead me on what your group needs to hear. If one of these topics doesn’t fit your need, let me know what you’re looking for!


Send me a message on my CONTACT page for all speaking requests. Hope to hear from you soon!

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