This life is such a journey, isn’t it?

It brings joy and sorrow. It catches us by surprise and leaves us breathless with awe. It can cut like the sharpest blade, as we ask “why?” and try to make sense of the pain it throws us, and the mystery of the will of God. It can feel shaky, uncertain, and terrifying.

But through it all, one thing stays steady. One thing is always sure.


In my own life, He’s pursued me, wooed my heart, and led me on this journey every crazy step of the way. I see His plan as I look back, and I’m overcome with His love and goodness, even though every circumstance isn’t always loving and good.

And He’s teaching me to dream. Leading me bit by bit outside the walls of my comfort zone. He’s shown me He’s the dream-maker and the dream-fulfiller. I’ve also experienced and witnessed that He can be the dream-taker and the dream-changer, but through it all, no matter what; He calls us to delight in Him, because HE is ultimately the desire and dream of our hearts.

I’m still learning and growing. I don’t understand everything, but I trust one day He’ll show us the magnificence of His plan. I’m walking this road of faith as He intertwines His dreams into my heart.

And as I do, He whispers to my spirit that He has a plan and purpose, and I have a story to tell.

His story.

And not only me. We each have a God-breathed, Divinely-ordained purpose.

Maybe your story is one of triumph over depression.

Maybe your story is one of healing.

Maybe your story isn’t even one of victory, but of Christ’s continuing love, as day by day, He is faithful to hold you close and be your help, through pain or heart-ache.

Your story will undoubtedly look different than mine. But each are held together by threads of grace.

Because ultimately all our stories are about a King on a cross. A judgment traded for grace. They’re about a love so strong even death could not hold it; even our deepest, most-secret sins could not overthrow it.

Don’t be afraid to share your story. Be bold with the unique, God-given opportunities you have to do just that. We only have one life, and we don’t have the luxury of regret. Don’t let your dreams, your passion and purpose, be snuffed out by doubt and fear.

And never forget our story isn’t about us. It’s not about how many Facebook friends we have, or how popular we are. It’s not about reaching our idea of success. Itís not about what we do, but Who we’re doing it for.

Our story is about Jesus. Pursue Him, fellow story-teller, with everything in you. Dream on, and never, ever stop.

Professional Bio
Sara Barratt, Author

Sara Barratt is a youth leader, writer, avid reader, chocolate lover, and “I Love Lucy” fan.
She strives every day to know her Savior better, and fall more in love with Him.

A lead writer and editor for The Rebelution, Sara has also been published on numerous other blogs including Girl Defined, Lies Young Women Believe, Know Your Value, and Top Christian Books.

She lives in the woods of northern Michigan with her fabulous family.
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